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Terms of use of                                       Gagua Clinic website / application     


This site (  Gagua the app Clinic is a )   Conditions of use (hereinafter -  use rules )  to regulate the "Gagua Clinic"; JSC 201945271 (hereinafter referred to as the Clinic) Terms and conditions of using the website (hereinafter - the  website ). User "  means   any visitor to the Website . The following text the word  we "  means  Ltd Gagua clinic ".


  • you on the  website of the  club, and the information obtained through its services or use  you  acknowledge that you agree to be bound by these  usage rules  established conditions.
  • The information posted on or received through the Website is correct, complete or up to date. The information on the Website  may be changed or removed without prior notice. The Clinic  does not warrant that this  Website ,  or the Internet Services provided through it, will operate without interruption.
  • The information contained on the Website may in no case be construed as advice or recommendation.
  • The user is prohibited from   any unauthorized use of the website , including   unauthorized access to our systems, improper use of passwords or improper use of any information posted on the website.
  • By using the Website ,  you  automatically agree to the Gagua Clinic Privacy and Security Policy, which is also posted on this  Website .
  • You are obliged to consult the website of the present use of the rules and privacy and security policies of the current versions of the website on the work of each case.       
  • The information available on this website is for informational purposes only. It is considered reliable, but  we  do not guarantee its completeness, timeliness and accuracy. 
  • The user is informed, uses and trusts this information only at his own risk. Please  seek professional advice as needed when evaluating the information on this  website .
  • The clinic  is not responsible for any problems that customers  may  encounter when entering the site for   reasons that we do not have or cannot control  .
  • You are  solely responsible for the ownership and use of the telephone, computer, software and other equipment required to access and use this  Website  . 
  • Access to the Website may at times be  impeded,  restricted , restricted or Slow down for the following reasons, and not only: · Equipment malfunctions, including and not only, malfunctions of computers (including your computer), servers, networks, other electronic and mechanical equipment of telecommunications; · Malfunctions of programs, including and not only, Software bugs, bugs, viruses, configuration problems, system crashes · Damage caused by bad weather, earthquakes, war, riots, riots, terrorist acts, civil unrest, natural disasters, accidents, fires, firewalls, power outages Or natural disasters; with total or partial interruption of the supply of electricity or other utilities; · In whole or in part by strikes or other delays in the labor process; · Restrictions imposed by the government or the law, court decisions or other human interference; Or for any other reason (be it similar or dissimilar to the above) that is not under our control;
  • If  access to the Website is  not possible, delayed or restricted, or if the  Website  does not work quickly and smoothly,  you  may not be able to provide instructions on transactions and other matters or these instructions may not be executed properly or you may not be able to receive information in a timely manner. If your operations depend on such communication with us and the communication is interrupted or interrupted,  you  may be harmed. The Financial Bureau  is not liable for such damage.
  • Third party websites may have  different security policies or other security practices from our website , so it is important that you familiarize yourself with the policies of these other sites before you exchange any personal information.
  • This website  and the rules of its  use are  regulated by the legislation of Georgia.
  • Any disputes arising from or related to you by this site  access and control the use, as well as the  use of the rules  and / or privacy and security provisions of the policy,  you  should be submitted only in the courts.

This  use of the rules  and privacy and security policy is subject to any other agreements  you  have entered into with the public  We   reserve the right, in  our  sole discretion, to make changes to these Terms of Use and the Privacy and Security Policy at any time and without notice.

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