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Teona Antia

Teona Antia

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Work Experience  



2022 till now                          OBS/GYN :  IVF department of ‘’GAGUA Clinic ‘’



2011-2021 Tbilisi, Georgia                  OB/GYN : Clinic of IVF and human reproductive health       ‘’ INVITRO’’      

2010-2011 Tbilisi, Georgia                  OB/GYN:   Zurab Sabakhtarashvili ‘’ reproductive clinic                             

2008-2010 Tbilisi, Georgia                  Medical Representative :   Pharmaceutical    company Bayer-schering pharma’’

2007—2008 Tbilisi, Georgia                 OB/GYN   : Esthetic   medical center                                                                       

2005- 2007  Tbilisi, Georgia                Medical  Translator : Medical synchronizing  translation center  


Participation in international medical congresses , international certificates , fellowship courses 


2016-2019 Valencia, spain                  The 18th  European  Medical conference COGI,ASRM,OVARIAN CLUB , ESHRE

2015  November   Barcelona, Spain     International congress in reproductive medicine 


                              Oral presentation  :  ‘’Antiestrogen treatment in POS patient’’

2015  June    Lisboa, Portugal   ESHRE congress 

                               Oral presentation  :  “Iodine role in pregnant women, is it routine treatment option? 


2014  December   Paris, France              The 19th  European  Medical conference COGI     

2014   April    Vienna , Austria              European society of human reproductive health( ESHRE)   --workshop

2013   July                                                European society of human reproductive health( ESHRE)   ---workshop  

2013 October, London                             European society of human reproductive health( ESHRE) , annual meeting  

2012     France , Clermont/ferrand          Endoscopic surgery in CICE           

2012     France , Clermont/ferrand         IVF department  

2009 Denmark,Coppenhagen                           

                                                                  Oral presentation :  ‘’Role of Mifepriston in Treatment of Leyomyomas’’                       

                                                                  Poster Presentation : ‘’Cytokines role in premature termination of pregnancy 

2008   Georgia , Tbilisi                           European Federation for  Colposcopy      EFC/GFC     --5 days  

2009 Italy, Rome                                  #8 COGI congress of reproduction  

                                                               Oral presentation—Iodine and pregnancy

                                                               Oral presentation –PCOS and  ovulation induction  

                                                               Winner – 21 European credit ( ECMEC)





2018   till now                      Doctoral candidate     Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Medicine 


2013-2014                         Certificate             Postgraduate  Degree   in Reproductology of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state Univeristy   ( English language sector)


2007-2013                          Certificate              Postgraduate  Degree   in Obstetrician  and Gynecology of  Tbilisi state Medical University   ( English language sector)



2005-2007                           Diploma  Academic degree of medical doctor, faculty of medicine , Tbilisi state Medical University     


2001-2005                            Diploma      Academic degree of a medical doctor, faculty of medicine , AIETY private Tbilisi Medical University  



1998-2001                           Certificate       Medical college AIETY 



Native-Georgian, English, France, Russian 








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